Jewellers' Guild, Fine handmade Jewelry, since 1965, Donald Cook, Judith Cook, Deanna Cook, Jemma Cook


How to order from Jewellers' Guild? Call our 800 number and talk to Judith.

Our phone number? 800-860-2071

Our fax number? 617-928-1307

Sizing? Jewellers' Guild uses standard ring sizing. We size full, half and quarter sizes at no charge. If you know it, let us know your size when you order. If you don't know your size, you can go any jewelry store and get your finger sized or we can send you sizers.

What is green gold? When pure gold is alloyed with pure silver the resulting mixture makes 18 karat green gold. It is 3/4 fine gold and a 1/4 fine silver. We use this gold to make all of our gold bezels.

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